The Glennie Heights Scout Hall was targeted by vandals twice this week.
The Glennie Heights Scout Hall was targeted by vandals twice this week. Michael Cormack

Scout leader hopes for justice after hall vandalism

THE Glennie Heights Scout Hall was vandalised twice in the past fortnight, but rather than seek vengeance through the courts, the troop leader wants the offenders to front up and apologise in person.

"I'm a fan of youth justice conferencing," leader and Southern Downs councillor Neil Meiklejohn said

"Should the offenders front up to scout troop I would ask them to join the group, so they can do some of the great volunteer work we do, like cleaning up the Condamine River or chipping weeds."

Police believe the hall was vandalism occurred between December 18-20.

Scout troop members arrived Thursday morning to find the inside the hall ransacked, spray paint tags on the walls and a number of photos damaged.

Once the Warwick police scenes of crime officers swept the site for evidence, parents and older members held an impromptu working bee to clean up and secure the building.

"We don't want the younger members to see what happened and this should be all cleaned up by the time we get back from the Christmas break," Mr Meiklejohn said.

"We'll just get it done, with the expense of the some of these things will have to make an insurance claim."

They secured the building and cleaned up most of the graffiti.

A number of the broken windows have been boarded up.

Given the age of the structure and old-fashioned style of woodcraft used on some windows, Mr Meiklejohn said it would be hard to find a craftsman in town who could do the repairs for a price the club can afford.

"It was fairly bad vandalism, our worst in 11 years," he said.

"There are only a couple of tradesman that still do those casement windows and it might be too expensive to repair.

"We may have to replace them with newer aluminium windows.

"When people break in and they don't get what they are looking for they feel like it's their god given right to ruin everyone else's fun."

The troop will look at installing a CCTV system to safeguard against further break-ins and vandalism.

Earlier the week a number of offenders broke in leaving a bong and other drug utensils littered about the place.

Warwick police are investigating the break-ins.

If you have any information that can help identify the offenders phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.