The Crown says sexual abuse was disclosed to a school nurse.
The Crown says sexual abuse was disclosed to a school nurse. File

School nurse visit unravels years of abuse allegations

A COMPLAINT to a school nurse uncovered allegations of horrific sexual abuse against Ipswich children.

A former Gladstone man pleaded not guilty on Monday to 19 sexual abuse charges including rape.

By the time one of the man's relatives was 14, she'd been sexually abused for about half her life, prosecutor Mel Wilson said.

"It happened so often and that's why she can't remember every specific incident," Ms Wilson told Brisbane District Court.

To protect the identity of the alleged victims, the man cannot be named.

The man moved with his partner from Gladstone to Ipswich, "where the abuse started", the prosecutor claimed.

Another child was aged 10 to 13 at the time of the alleged abuse, and another was about five, Ms Wilson said.

Ms Wilson said the allegations emerged after a child made a complaint in 2016 to a school nurse.

Prosecutors said the man abused the children at different houses.

And the Crown said one alleged rape happened at a motel in the Redcliffe area.

One girl was allegedly abused "every second day or so", Ms Wilson said.

"He would make her do stuff all the time."

Jurors were told the Crown expected to close its case this week.

Ms Wilson said jurors would hear from a family friend who heard the children disclose abuse allegations.

The trial continues. -NewsRegional