Sam Langler has an ultimate dream of plaaying baseball in the States.
Sam Langler has an ultimate dream of plaaying baseball in the States. Nicole Schulz

Sam takes one more step toward the States

ST JOHN Paul College student Sam Langler has been selected in the boys' NSW All School Baseball team.

Sam, 18, is now in Perth for the Australian Schoolboy Championships and began the selection path after first being chosen for NSW Combined Catholic Colleges.

He started in baseball in 2012 after watching dad, Bill, play on Saturdays.

It was Coffs Allstars pitcher Chris Cook who convinced Sam he should give it a go and he hasn't looked back.

After starting at shortstop he soon progressed to third base where he plays mostly when away at carnivals or representative baseball.

"I am also known to throw the odd pitch from time to time and also enjoy the outfield catching," Sam said.

Over the past few years he's been mentored by many Australian coaches including Mark Shippley and Mark Marino.

They've encouraged and motivated him to pursue his dream.

However, it is former New York Yankees Major League player Derek Jeter who inspires him most.

"It is Jeter's love for the game and the way he played it that is something I truly admire," he said.

"There are also numerous other players in the Majors that have inspired me such as Washington Nationals right fielder, Bryce Harper."

In his final year at high school, Sam is committed to eating healthily and keeping up a strict study and training regime.

He trains three times a week and incorporates multiple gym session.

Sam's been to the United States twice as part of the Australian Expos side and his ultimate dream is to play college baseball in America.

"I hope to study physiotherapy or something similar that can link in with baseball.

"So one day when my career is over, I'll still be involved with baseball.

"After living near the beach I hope to study and play in either California or Florida but time will tell whether professional baseball is an option."