Land sale.
Land sale.

Government sale of public land a 'betrayal'

THE battle over public land is heating up as NSW Labor takes aim at the government's decision to sell off certain parcels of land across the North Coast.

NSW Shadow Minister for the North Coast Walt Secord said the advertised sale of five North Coast properties - totalling almost 7930 square metres - held by Transport for NSW was a "betrayal".

NSW Labor has also criticised the Berejiklian Government for failing to consult with the community on possible other public land uses rather than simply selling to developers. 

Mr Secord referred to three separate land parcels in Lismore's CBD and two in Byron Bay, near the ocean. They are set to be auctioned in early May by CI Australia, a Sydney commercial real estate company.

The properties include a vacant lots at Union St, Engine and Kyogle St in Lismore, and Butler St and Milton St in Byron Bay.

Since April 2011, the State Liberals and Nationals have overseen the sell-off of $70 billion worth of public assets. 

"This is astounding - and a betrayal," Mr Secord said. 

Ms Saffin said she was deeply disappointed that one of the first acts of the new government was to "flog off land" to property developers rather than protect the environment. 

"In some parts of the state, ballots are still being counted, but the Nationals are rushing to sell off State-owned assets in Lismore and Byron Bay," Ms Saffin said. 

"The NSW Liberals are addicted to privatising productive NSW assets - and it's leaving NSW worse off," Ms Saffin said.