Labor candidate for Page, Janelle Saffin.
Labor candidate for Page, Janelle Saffin. Cathy Adams

Saffin the Page favourite with online punters

LABOR is set to reclaim the seat of Page from The Nationals in the upcoming election, according to an online bookmaker.

Sportsbet reports Labor's Janelle Saffin is now the $1.65 favourite, with The Nationals' Kevin Hogan drifting out to $2.15.

Hogan started the election campaign as the $1.30 favourite, with Saffin priced at a long $3.50.

The majority of punter support has since been for Saffin, who was the Member for Page from 2007-2013, with 5:6 bets heading her way.

The Greens have also been wound out from $16 to $51, with not a single bet coming for their candidate, Kudra Falla-Ricketts.

Minor party candidates Bethany McAlpine, Mark Ellis and Anna Ludvick are all priced at $34 after being wound out from $26.

"Kevin Hogan was considered a lock in Page before Malcolm Turnbull called the election, but punters have turned," Sportbet's Ben Bulmer said.

"Janelle Saffin, who started the campaign as the outsider, is now the punters' pick and the clear favourite to win back the seat.


Seat of Page

$1.65 - Labor (Janelle Saffin)

$2.15 - Coalition (Kevin Hogan)

$51 - Greens (Kudra Falla-Rickerts)

$34 -  Any other (Bethany McAlpine, Mark Ellis, Anna Ludvick)

Next sworn-in government

$1.28 - Coalition (in from $1.30)

$3.70 - Labor (out from $3.50)

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