'Sabotage on vehicle could have been fatal'

A MAN is still shaken by a senseless act of sabotage on his vehicle that he says could have caused a fatality.

Two weeks ago Bald Knob man Bill Sorensen's brake lines to his Landcruiser were cut while he was shopping inside Woolworths at Beerwah.

He was only in the supermarket for 10 minutes, but it was enough time for someone to cut the line five times on the driver's side and once on the other.

"I tried to back out and the brake pedal went to the floor," he said.

Mr Sorensen's vehicle was towed and inspected by a mechanic, who confirmed it had been sabotaged.

He said the attack was as random as it was irresponsible.

"I've got no idea who would do something like this, I think it's a pretty mean act.

"It's pretty serious when you think about it.

"I could have run over someone or run into another vehicle.

"It could have easily caused someone's death."

Mr Sorensen reported the incident to police, who he said were investigating.

He is calling on anyone who may have witnessed the incident inside the Beerwah supermarket carpark on Tuesday, July 31 about 8.10am to contact police immediately.

Mr Sorensen urged other motorists to be aware of what could happen when you were away from your vehicle.

"It just goes to show you need to be aware of your vehicle and what could happen when you're not around."