Customer called out for bad review. Picture: Imgur
Customer called out for bad review. Picture: Imgur

Brutal shutdown of ‘entitled’ customer

A DINER has been called out for the horrific way she treated restaurant staff, with the owner deciding to set the record straight after she left a bad review.

A woman, known only as Monica, left a one-star review after dining at an unnamed restaurant, claiming: "The food was okay but the wait was terrible."

But it turned out there was a lot more to the story than Monica was letting on and the restaurant owner was more than happy to call her out on her behaviour.

In fact, the way she acted was so horrible that the owner still remembered her two months after the event.

The owner claimed the trouble all started when their group of 27 people arrived 40 minutes early to their booking and demanded to be seated immediately.

Despite the inconvenience, staff reportedly accommodated them as best they could by seating them and getting everyone's orders.

The owner admitted that it was a 35 minute wait for food to come out because the group was so large and they hadn't organised a preset menu to make things easier.

Out of the whole group, the owner said it was Monica and "two other parents" that made it their mission to be rude to the wait staff.

"Monica you and the two parents whom you were seated with were extremely rude to myself, bartenders and our servers, telling one of them to 'shut up' and actually making another one cry," the owner said.

The owner said the other parents had to continually apologise for their behaviour and left an extra tip to make up for it, while Monica and her friends left no tip at all.

"I am sorry you felt we didn't measure up to your standards but we did the very best we could for your demanding and entitled demeanour," they wrote.

It is always satisfying to see an entitled customer called out, read the owners full response below to experience it in all it's glory.