IT'S one of the worst cases of neglect the RSPCA has seen.

An American staffy was found starved, injured and scared on Tuesday in Lowood, near Walnut Crescent.

The dog, believed to be about two years old, is currently recovering at RSPCA Wacol.

His immediate physical recovery is expected to take at least three months.

"It's just diabolical," RSPCA spokesperson Michael Beatty said.

"Somebody found it and took it to the vet who called us.

"It was emaciated, you could see all its bones and it was covered in welts and scabs head to toe."

The dog's wounds were caused by an untreated case of Demodectic mange, an inflammatory disease in dogs caused by various types of the Demodex mite.

"The frustrating thing is that, if caught early, mange is really easily treatable," Mr Beatty said.

"It's very painful (if untreated). The dog had a major wash when we got him so he looked 50% better in the photo we took than when he first came in.

"Even for us this is a really bad case."

Mr Beatty said the dog was very quiet and fearful of human contact.

"He is still very timid, which he would be," he said.

"He's been in a lot of pain and discomfort for a long time."

If anyone has any information on the background of the animal, phone 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

"We would urge anyone who does have information to come forward," Mr Beatty said.