Arozona's Roz Borg shows an example of her succulent nail art.
Arozona's Roz Borg shows an example of her succulent nail art. Tony Martin

Roz nails it with her thumb art

MACKAY businesswoman Roz Borg's unusual nail art has garnered attention from all over, including celebrities, and she's given a whole new meaning to the saying green thumb.

Mrs Borg, of Arozona, makes personalised terrariums and living wall planters and has perfected the art of planting succulents on her fingernails.

American singer Nicki Minaj is sharing Roz's talents to her Facebook page, where she has more than 42million likes.

"I've been doing succulent jewellery for themed wedding shoots and and just had a bright idea one day to glue the succulents onto a fake nail and take a cool Instagram pic," she said.

"It's gone viral.

"A friend of mine said 'Roz, Nicki Minaj just shared it'.

"I've been on a BBC TV program the website... it's been shared so many times."

Arozona Nail Art: Roz Borg from Arozona shows off her unique nail art that went vural

The botanical artist said she's had a mixed response to the succulent nail art, which she believes is the first of its kind.

"People are either horrified that it's a fungal infection, horrified that I'm killing plants - which I'm not - or they just think it's insanely beautiful," Mrs Borg said.

"To propagate a succulent, you take a leaf off a succulent and in a couple of months time a baby succulent will grow on the end of the leaf.

"I then glue it to a fake nail in an arrangement, then stick it on to my fingernail with nail glue.

"It's a one-day use, the same as succulent jewellery. The glue eventually releases in about three days and those plants can be re-planted. So it's eco-friendly, I'm not harming anyone or anything."

Mrs Borg, who started her business in 2014, said it had gone "leaps and bounds" with her kokedamas - a Japanese variant of bonsai - selling well.

"I'm stocking three stores in Mackay now and Rockhampton, Clermont, Moranbah, Brisbane, Toowoomba... lots of Queensland outlets keeping me busy," she said.

Apart from being beautiful she said plants were "the new black".

"Plants are in - you go to any nursery in Mackay and people are crazy over succulents," Mrs Borg said.

"Succulents are a drought tolerant plant, they don't take much watering, they're colourful, beautiful and they need lots of sunlight, so they're great for this environment."