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Suberban House Roofs Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily Brett Wortman

Room for rent all just an elaborate scheme

A FORMER law student who conned a woman into sending her $300 to secure a room for rent through a fake Facebook ad has been ordered to give back the money and pay a hefty fine.

Jessie Maree Timmins, 23, pleaded guilty in Warwick Magistrates Court this week to one count of fraud.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said the Warwick woman posted the ad on social media in December, spruiking a room to rent for $200 a week.

The court heard a woman agreed to pay $150 for the place, so Timmins asked her to pay two weeks' rent to find out the exact address and secure her spot.

But then Timmins stopped all contact with the woman.

Lawyer Sarah Campbell said Timmins had been through a rough patch, which had caused her to lose her job and stop her studies in a Bachelor of Laws.

The crime was out of character, Mrs Campbell said.

"She has expressed her remorse to me in relation to this offence and understands it was a poor decision made under a period of stress," Mrs Campbell said.

The Warwick woman was told by Acting Magistrate Robert Walker that her crime might have a significant impact on her future career.

"You've entered an early plea of guilty to the offence to what can be described as a complicated and planned scenario that you'd created," Mr Walker said.

Timmins was ordered to pay a $750 and return the $300 to the woman.

Her conviction was not recorded.