Accused killer in car with pregnant teen

Tiffany Taylor was last seen on July 12, 2015.
Tiffany Taylor was last seen on July 12, 2015.

A MAN accused of murdering a pregnant teenager admitted to being in a car with her on the day she vanished.

Robert Wayne Williams has pleaded not guilty to murdering 16-year-old Tiffany Taylor, of Waterford West, on July 12, 2015.

It is alleged the girl - who was 20 weeks pregnant when she vanished - was prostituting herself and Williams had agreed to pay $500 to spend half an hour with her.

Tiffany Taylor.
Tiffany Taylor.


Pictures: Supplied
Pictures: Supplied


During a committal hearing in the Beenleigh District Court yesterday, it was heard that Williams drove Ms Taylor to a dead-end street at Larapinta, in Brisbane's southwest, for sex.

Police allege Williams had no money and after an argument he killed her and dumped her body somewhere on the outskirts of Fernvale, 60km west of Brisbane. Searches by police in that area have been unable to locate her body.

A toll camera captured Ms Taylor in Williams' car on the Logan Motorway and he is unaccounted for over about 20 minutes on the day Ms Taylor disappeared, the court heard.

Williams says he was getting a pie at Fernvale Bakery at this time.

Police found "dripping blood" that matched Ms Taylor's in Williams' car, as well as evidence that Williams had attempted to clean the vehicle, the court heard.

The court also heard Ms Taylor's blood was located behind the head rest of the seat she was sitting on.

Williams says after their interaction he dropped Ms Taylor off at a truck stop in the Dinmore and Bundamba area.

Ms Taylor was never seen or heard from again.

Williams' lawyer Timothy Ryan told the hearing that up to 400 men, including Williams, had contacted Ms Taylor for sex in the lead-up to her disappearance.

It was also heard that Ms Taylor was rumoured to have a substantial drug debt.

Both of these factors have been put forward by Williams' defence as possible other reasons behind her disappearance.

The hearing continues.