Revolutionary football program for women kicks on

IF YOUR New Year's resolution is to get outside more, make new friends or simply to become more active then this unique program could be for you.

Kick-On for Women is an introductory football program designed specifically for women to fit exercise and time for themselves in to their busy lives while juggling work, study, family and social commitments.

Aimed at women who have either never played football before, or have not played for a long time, Northern NSW Football runs 24 Kick-On for Women hubs across northern NSW from February to March.

Born from the demand of mothers, sisters and female spectators wanting to be involved in the sport, the format is welcoming, supportive and fun, and NNSWF project officer Michelle Forbes said the positive feedback had been pouring in from the region's 1200 participants.

Kick On For Women participant Sinead Redman.
Kick On For Women participant Sinead Redman.

"Kick-On for Women is such an amazing program. Any women who have an interest to learn and play football, regardless of their age, fitness level or experience, can do so with us," Forbes said.

"While participants are learning basic football skills the real benefits reach far further, extending to mental health, being active and connecting with other women - very necessary in this post COVID time.

"The program is particularly good for busy mums wanting to do something affordable for themselves without having to overcommit to gym memberships or the guilt of 'letting a team down'."

With a commitment of just 45 minutes a week after general office hours and during school terms, the program has a strong focus on inclusion and friendship.

Michelle Forbes with Kick On For Women participants.
Michelle Forbes with Kick On For Women participants.

Having run for two terms prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the uptake in the program showed great promise with support from women throughout all locations.

"Women's football is growing quickly so we need to do whatever we can to assist that growth and support the women's game," NNSWF Head of Football Peter Haynes said

The hub locations are at South Grafton and Nambucca Heads and begin in early February. For more information visit