Josh and Brandon Jarius will tour their newly renovated home on House Rules tomorrow night.
Josh and Brandon Jarius will tour their newly renovated home on House Rules tomorrow night. Paul A Broben

REVEALED: Josh and Brandon's lad pad unveiled on House Rules

JOSH and Brandon Jarius now have the flashiest house on Neptune Street.

It may even be the flashiet house in all of Maryborough after getting a House Rules makeover.

The tradie brothers' two-bedroom stilt home, which they've spent the past three years working on, is now fully renovated on the inside thanks to the efforts of their fellow teams.

The renovations were revealed to viewers on the reality show tonight.

Judges Wendy Moore, Drew Heath and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen praised Chiara and David's race car inspired bathroom and Toad and Mandy's blokey bar which featured mock crocodile-skin wallpaper.

"I feel as if I'm being hit by waves of testosterone," Llewelyn-Bowen said as he stepped inside the house for the first time.

But the judges were underwhelmed by Leigh and Kristie's grey kitchen, which missed the blue and orange house rule, and Kim and Michelle's unfinished en suite.

Josh and Brandon will walk through their new 'lads' pad' and deliver their own scores on the show tomorrow night.

"It's going to be good to have the house shown on telly," Josh told The Chronicle.

"Trying to keep everything on the downlow has been pretty hard.

"We've had a few people driving by and sometimes we get bailed up and they want to get a photo with you."

The brothers say they aren't worried about what their home will look like.

"We were a bit nervous and scared, but at the same time whatever they do is not going to be any worse than what we've got," Brandon said.

"We were a bit scared not being here to call the shots, but we knew they'd do things we wouldn't normally do. It's a bit of a surprise and that's the best part about it."

House Rules continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 7.