Coffs Harbour City Councillor Michael Adendorff during a council meeting in July last year.
Coffs Harbour City Councillor Michael Adendorff during a council meeting in July last year.

REVEALED: Clr declares intention for postponed election

IN these troubling times of Covid-19, Coffs Harbour City Councillor Michael Adendorff is finding a new appreciation for the 'she'll be right' Aussie attitude.

"But I still can't say it properly."

He moved to Australia from South Africa in 2000 and still has the unmistakeable accent.

On a more serious note the solicitor says there's been a 'morbid' reshuffle of his work priorities.

"We are seeing a lot more clients come to us about wills. The property work has really dropped off.

"I get the impression that people are very concerned."

Late last year Clr Adendorff signalled his intentions to run again at the 2020 September elections.

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Now these have been postponed to September 2021 due to the coronavirus he says nothing has changed.

"I feel compelled to run and that hasn't changed. As far as I am concerned the virus is a massive disruption, it's devastating.

"My approach to anything that comes my way is to be grateful for what we have and for the wonderful country we live in and the way our community and government has responded.

"I will stand again unless my personal circumstances change."

He has family scattered across the globe and his daughter Micaela is studying dietetics at Newcastle University.

He hopes to spend Easter with his daughter and wife Tracy, who is a psychologist and school counsellor.

"The whole situation brings home what's important in life. There's always a positive in everything like spending more time with family and more time at home."


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Deputy Mayor lays it on the line as elections pushed back

Cr Michael Adendorff.
Cr Michael Adendorff.

Cr Adendorff has been a supporter of the $76.5m Cultural and Civic Space and has been accused of having a pecuniary interest as he owns multiple properties in the city centre.

He has repeatedly denied he is in breach of the Local Government Act's pecuniary interest codes by voting on the Gordon St project.

"I have taken counsel from a lot of people. My property is located at the other end of the CBD and it's my understanding I'm not obliged to declare a pecuniary interest. I have in the past declared a non pecuniary interest - that's 'non significant' as a CBD property owner," Cr Adendorff, a practising solicitor, said.

"One property I own is located in the Max Murray Mall, yes in Gordon St, another property is in Park Ave, there's one in Dalley St and one in Grafton St.

"I think the way that this is being done, questioning my decision whether I should be voting or not smacks of desperation," he told The Advocate in July last year.