Report reveals Australia's best 263 places to invest

IF you are looking to buy an investment property, Victoria might be the place, while if you are after rental yield, Queensland might deliver more bang for the buck.

RP Data has just released it Autumn Investors Guide to Australia, which list 263 suburbs which have recorded annual value growth of more than 7.2% over the past five years.

The ten regions with the greatest number of suburbs recording high levels of value growth accounted for 57.5% of the total suburbs across.

Outside of the capital cities, mining areas are also quite prevalent on the top 10 list, with the Hunter Pilbara, Mackay and Fitzroy regions all detailed.

Victoria had the greatest number on the list with 68.

Melbourne was the region which had the greatest number of suburbs listed with 38 separate suburbs recorded across the city.

The majority of suburbs that have recorded annual average value growth of 7.2% or greater are situated in regional areas of the country (55.7%) rather than capital cities (44.3%), the report said.

Only Melbourne (55.9%), Adelaide (77.8%), Darwin (90.9%) and Canberra (100%) recorded a greater proportion of suburbs listed within the capital city, according to RP Data.

65% of all the suburbs which made the list made it for houses as opposed to 35% for units.

Rental growth across Australia

As at February 2013, there were 792 suburbs across the country that had recorded average annual rental growth of at least 7.2% over the past five years.

With 362 suburbs, New South Wales had the greatest proportion of suburbs on the list (45.7%).

Sydney was the individual region with the greatest number of suburbs on the list at 249, followed by Perth with 181 suburbs.

Queensland has the greatest number of suburbs with a rental yield at or above this benchmark with 224 suburbs (38.5% of all suburbs nationally).

Regional markets are quite prevalent on the list and a number are characterised as being coastal housing markets that have recorded a significant fall in home values over recent years, the report said.

You can go here to get a copy of the report