Northern NSW Football has announced that player registration fees wont rise in 2020.
Northern NSW Football has announced that player registration fees wont rise in 2020. Trevor Veale

Rego fees won't rise in the biggest code of all

NORTHERN NSW Football has announced that registration fees won't increase in season 2020.

The Board of Directors said community football ­registration fees applied to players participating in local competitions will remain the same to ensure the region's largest club-based sport ­remains affordable for families.

NNSWF CEO David Eland said the federation is always working towards keeping registration fees as low as possible, to ensure accessibility for all players.

"Our review has shown, that in several cases the levy charged at our level has in fact decreased in many cases and has remained at a minimum for other age-groups."

Alternative revenue streams have helped in this regards, generated by:

• Sponsorship from major partners Newcastle Permanent and TAFE NSW
• Income generated from First Touch Football Supplies
• Modified formats such as Summer Football
• Income generated by Football Five5 and Sidelines Café, which underpin the "Home of Football" at Speers Point.

"The maintenance of NNSWF's player levy should ensure that the average cost of registering to play the game at Entry, Junior, Youth, and Senior levels in NNSW remain at $132, $157, $195 and $323 respectively in 2020," Eland said.

The player registration levy contributes towards a comprehensive suite of insurances, which manages risks across the game and protect players, member zones, clubs, volunteers, coaches and match officials.

• Compared to 10 years ago, NNSWF component on Entry Level players (4yrs to 7yrs) has decreased by $10.
• The levy on Juniors (8yrs to 11yrs) has also decreased by 3 per cent.
• Youth (12yrs to 18yrs) and Senior (18yrs+) levies have only increased by $10 and $20 respectively in 10 years.

It also assists the governing body to engage expertise and to fund a myriad of vital programs and services, which are implemented in partnership with member zones and clubs to further grow, develop and promote football as a sport.

NNSWF's reliance on player registration levies to fund operations has effectively halved in the last decade, however,

NNSWF CEO David Eland said the governing body wasn't immune to the ever-increasing costs faced by all businesses.

He noted the board was cautiously monitoring its financial stability.

"Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance premiums have increased by almost 30 per cent in the last five years and the cost of electricity has soared by approximately 15 per cent," he said.

"The good news is that clubs can tangibly assist NNSWF to keep registration fees as low as possible by purchasing their apparel and equipment directly from NNSWF through First Touch Football Supplies.

"Clubs are guaranteed that every dollar is invested back into the game in NNSW and takes pressure off increasing player registration fees," Eland said.

North Coast Football clubs are strongly encouraged to contact Business Development Officer Brent Wallace by emailing to discuss their club's apparel and equipment needs for 2020.