LEFT: Isaac Bain RIGHT: Scott Sargood
LEFT: Isaac Bain RIGHT: Scott Sargood

Region shocked as pilots die within days of each other

A YOUNG musterer just days away from turning 21, and a rural advocate who was fighting for producers across the west both had their lives cut short in aviation accidents within days of one another.

Tributes are flowing across south-west Queensland for Isaac Bain, 20, and Scott Sargood, 54.

Mr Sargood was flying a gyrocopter on his property near Charleville when it crash-landed last Tuesday.

He has been remembered as "one of the best" fighting for landholders' rights, and a pioneer of the Green Shirts movement in Queensland.

Mr Bain, who had a brush with death years ago when bitten by a snake, leaves behind five siblings, including a twin brother Joseph.

The pair had earned their pilots' licences together, and continued to work side by side. Mr Bain was a contract musterer.

His Foxbat A22LS ultralight plane crash landed on Aldville Station, near Cunnamulla, on Sunday.

"Everyone is in shock at the moment, and still can't believe it has happened," family friend Karen Dingle said.

"Our children have grown up together, and our second-eldest, Loggahn, is the same age as the twins, Isaac and Joseph.

"He's in shock at the moment, it has upset him greatly, because they have been together for a long time.

"They started preschool together, played footy together; the Bains moved out west, and then we moved to Mungallala, so whenever they came through, they would always stop for a cuppa or stay the night on their way home to Cheepie," she said.

"You never expect this to happen and you just don't want to go through it, (to) bury your own child, but they will get through it.

"The Bains have faith and God is on their side."

Police were called to Aldville at 1pm on Sunday, and were followed by ambulance crews, who treated Mr Bain.

He died at the scene.

Aviation investigators were deployed to Aldville and arrived on Tuesday, along with the Forensic Crash Unit.

The agencies will prepare reports for the coroner and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

A funeral is being organised for the south- west's "Mulga Man" Scott Sargood, to be held in Toowoomba on April 29 and in Charleville on May 3.

At both services, those who attend are asked to wear green, to make the funeral bright in Mr Sargood's honour, and in recognition of the cause for which he advocated.

His wife, Adma, and children, Bonnie and Mitch, have been organising the two celebrations of his life.

The Charleville service will be held at the town hall. The Toowoomba venue is yet to be confirmed.

Funerals for Scott Sargood


  • Date: April 29
  • Location: To be confirmed


  • Date: May 3
  • Location: Charleville Town Hall