Ipswich readers show support for medical marijuana

THE Queensland Government is set to launch a trial testing the effectiveness of medical cannabis, and QT readers are strongly in favour.

Our post on Facebook got 148 likes, and readers were almost all supportive of using cannabis to treat chronic and painful conditions.

Amy Hicks likened marijuana to tea in regards to its calming qualities.

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"Marijuana makes people feel good and calm, a cup of tea makes people feel good and calm shouldn't then tea leaves be illegal as well?" she said.

Readers who are suffering painful conditions support the idea.

Kim Rye said: "I used to be totally against this, until I started suffering chronic pain myself. For issues that cannot be mended with surgery, physio, etc, then I think it should be allowed."

Julie-Anne Pashley agreed.

"I certainly will consider using medicinal marijuana if it can take the edge off my nerve pain and enable me to get the rest I need so I can continue to live a full functional life," she said.

Julia Sorpassa said: "I think anyone with cancer would rather try cannabis oil than chemo."

However a few readers were against the trial, such as Peter Van Straten.

"No it's the road to ruining minds. There are plenty of medications, we don't need marijuana," he said.

Do you support the use of medical cannabis to treat chronic and painful conditions?

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