Storm clouds form over a farm.
Storm clouds form over a farm. Contributed

How did Nymboida River fare after the rain?

THE Nymboida River rose 252 megalitres thanks to patchy rain on the weekend, which means Clarence Valley Council can begin to take water from the river again.

However, without further rain, the flow levels are expected to drop quickly. So until the Clarence Valley sees more rain, the council will continue to draw supply from Shannon Creek Dram and ask people to be mindful of their water consumption.

Details of the water conservation measures are as follows:

Residential gardens: No fixed hoses and sprinklers between 9am and 4pm. No restriction on hand-held hoses or water efficient micro sprinklers.

Car washing: No restriction. Do not leave the hose running, consider using a trigger nozzle.

Washing of driveways and paved areas: No restriction. Sweeping and other dry methods are encouraged.

Swimming pools: No restriction.

All sports grounds, commercial operations, industry, nurseries, orchards etc: No restriction.

All other essential water use associated with commercial and industry operations: No restriction. Businesses should follow water-efficient practices and minimise water use, respecting the restrictions as outlined above.