Wealthiest suburbs and occupations in Qld revealed

SURGEONS and miners continue to top the list of Queensland's highest earners, according to new information released by the Australian Taxation Office.

ATO Second Commissioner Andrew Mills said that the latest report shows that the postcode with the highest mean taxable income of $100,833 in 2012-13 was 4709, which covers the town of Tieri.

Other top earning suburbs included Ascot, Hamilton, Hamilton Central with incomes of $96,404.

Balmoral, Bulimba and Hawthorne had average taxable incomes of $88,829.

Bardon's mean taxable income was sitting at $87,920. 

May Downs, Middlemount's mean was $86,674.

Tieri is a town in Central Queensland, in theCentral Highlands. 

Only established in 1983, the town, like nearby Middlemount and Dysart, is a service centre for local coal mines.

The tax office says surgeons remain the highest earners with an average taxable income of $416,809.

Surgeons once again topped the list nationally of occupations with the highest mean income, earning on average $361,202.

QLD highest earning occupations:

  • Surgeon (783 of them)  $416,809
  • Anaesthetist (696) $352,368
  • Specialist physician (1,334) $304,063


Almost 858,000 Queenslanders claimed gift and donation deductions totalling $329,151,651. This is an average donation of $129 per QLD resident who lodged a tax return in 2012-13.

"Compiling Tax stats is a significant undertaking each year," Mr Mills said.

"It adds to our picture of the Australian community, showing the spread of taxable income across the country, sources of income and data about business and work-related expenses."

"We make the data available for researchers and the broader community to improve the understanding of Australia's taxation and superannuation systems and how they operate within the broader environment," he said.

Taxation statistics 2012-13 is available at: https://www.ato.gov.au/About-ATO/Research-and-statistics/In-detail/Tax-statistics/Taxation-statistics-2012-13/