Supercars racing in Ipswich.
Supercars racing in Ipswich. Franca Tigani

Queensland Raceway slammed for 'profit over safety' priority

AUSTRALIA'S peak motorsport body has slammed the status of Queensland Raceway, claiming operators "prioritise profit over safety".

Confederation of Australian Motorsport chief executive officer Eugene Arocca declared safety was not up to standard.

On Tuesday, Queensland Raceway owner John Tetley claimed he was unaware what safety upgrades were required.

Mr Arocca said infrastructure has needed to be installed at Queensland Raceway to satisfy the requirements for an international track licence, which is essential for Supercars' events.

"CAMS and FIA track inspectors have presented the changes needed to bring the facility to a permanent level of accreditation - this has not been satisfied," he said.

"The temporary track improvements are installed to ensure the facility meets international standards - for only two CAMS sanctioned events, being Supercars and the Shannons Nationals."

He said operators removed the safety infrastructure after the two events.

"To be frank, we remain concerned that the operators of Queensland Raceway prioritise profit over safety," Mr Arocca said.

"Queensland Raceway has consistently chosen to not meet the standards required."