Quarry fined for falsifying records

VALLA Quarry operators have been fined $8000 by the NSW Environment Protection Authority for false and misleading comments in its annual return.

Quarry Solutions Pty Ltd certified in the annual return for the quarry that all conditions of the licence had been complied with during the reporting period for 2014-2015.

However, the EPA's official records showed the company had conducted activities outside the approved operating hours on one occasion during the reporting period.

"The EPA had issued a Formal Warning for this non-compliance," EPA manager North Coast Region Brett Nudd said.

"The company was aware of this non-compliance and this should have been reflected in the company's annual return," Mr Nudd said.

He said all holders of environment protection licences issued by the EPA were required to submit annual returns, which were critical to the EPA's licensing system.

Operators must sign a statement of compliance confirming whether or not they have complied with the licence conditions.