Putting faces to names: Coffs Harbour City Council elections


NAME:Tracy Adams, Group D.

ABOUT: I am standing because I care about the community and I want the opportunity to speak out for the voices that often do not get heard, like our youth.



NAME: Michael Adendorff, Group A.

ABOUT: I am passionate about fairness for all. This is at the centre of all I do in as a father and business director.



NAME: Peter Ainsworth, Group D.

ABOUT: I am involved in family and youth issues, and connected to local chamber through 'Carols By the Sea'.


NAME: Paul Amos, ungrouped candidate.

ABOUT: I care about the future of our town and I have a track record of dedication to our community.

Trevor Veale

NAME: John Arkan, Group D.

ABOUT: Our group is has proven records of commitment in small business, education. We will work for you to make Coffs a prosperous place.

Raymond Mather

NAME: Pat Brown, Group I.

ABOUT: I am dedicated to providing opportunities for youth such as employing a dedicated council youth development officer.



NAME: Kerrie Burnet, Group E.

ABOUT: I'm involved in numerous community organisations such as Galambila Aboriginal Health Service.

NAME: James Carroll, Group H

ABOUT: Not supplied


NAME: Jonathan Cassell, Group C.

ABOUT: I offer skills in community empowerment and think development must be expanded to meet vital needs.



NAME: George Cecato, Group F.

ABOUT: I have been a small business owner since 1985. I have lived in Coffs Harbour for the past 26 years.



NAME: Craig Christie, Group C.

ABOUT: As a Councillor, I will bring strong business acumen to the council executive since I have extensive experience as a Business Manager.



NAME: Susan Clarke, Group B.

ABOUT: I have worked with numerous community groups. I appreciate the importance of listening to the community when making decisions.

NAME: Jamie Decker, Group H

ABOUT: Not supplied.

Erhard Dehmelt ungrouped candidate
Erhard Dehmelt ungrouped candidate Contributed

NAME: Erhard Dehmelt, ungrouped candidate.

ABOUT: I intend to bring integrity, transparency and competency and community engagement to the counciI.



Jo Ellerman
Jo Ellerman Contributed

NAME: Jo Ellerman, Group H.

ABOUT: Not supplied.



Julie Ferguson
Julie Ferguson Contributed

NAME: Julie Ferguson, Group I.

ABOUT: I knows all too well the struggles faced by average ratepayers. I want to ensure council spends its rates and grants monies responsibly.



Mark Graham team green
Mark Graham team green Contributed

NAME: Mark Graham, Group C.

ABOUT: My 30 years in Coffs Harbour has provided me a deep understanding of the region's environment, communities and economy.



Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison Contributed

NAME: Carol Harrison, Group H.

ABOUT: I own The Professional Centre. We are the only team who aren't involved in politics or property development.


Denise Knight
Denise Knight Contributed

NAME: Denise Knight, Group A.

ABOUT: Why am I running for Mayor again? Very simply, I'm not finished yet. I still have passion, energy and feel I have so much more to give.


Kristy Madaffari
Kristy Madaffari Contributed

NAME: Kristy Madaffari, Group H.

ABOUT: Not supplied.


David Marchant
David Marchant Contributed

NAME: David Marchant, Group H.

ABOUT: I want to engage youth for efficient, sustainable, employable community action on our current inadequacies.


Annette Mavin : Team Arkan
Annette Mavin : Team Arkan Contributed

NAME: Annette Mavin, Group D.

ABOUT: I would like to ensure starting a business can be made easier. I'd also like to improve growth and jobs.


Alec Mcharg
Alec Mcharg Contributed

NAME: Alec McHarg, Group G.

ABOUT: I propose integrated transport systems like light rail with integrated walkable and mixed zoning initiatives Coffs Harbour as a growing city.


NAME: Matthew McLeod, Group D.

ABOUT: I will work to create more opportunities for youth in employment, education and infrastructure.



Kelly McNeal Team Arkan
Kelly McNeal Team Arkan Contributed

NAME: Kelly McNeal, Group D.

ABOUT: Not supplied.



Christina Monneron: Team Knight
Christina Monneron: Team Knight Contributed

NAME: Christina Monneron, Group A.

ABOUT: I love promoting arts and culture and advocating for all multicultural groups and indigenous peoples.



Julie Nash Team Knight
Julie Nash Team Knight Contributed

NAME: Jill Nash, Group A.

ABOUT: My interest is to ensure that the Coffs area is well-equipped to care for older residents to lead an engaged life for as long as possible.


Jenny Oloman
Jenny Oloman Contributed

NAME: Jenny Oloman, Group I.

ABOUT: I have 35 years experience in economic and community development. I was instrumental in starting events like the Buskers Festival.


Jeffery Portelli team sutlana
Jeffery Portelli team sutlana Contributed

NAME: Jeffrey Portelli, Group B.

ABOUT: I am passionate about creating community harmony, happiness and prosperity and supporting cultural diversity.


David Quinn country labor
David Quinn country labor Contributed

NAME: David Quinn, Group E.

ABOUT: I have played a vital role in cultural development in Coffs Harbour by supporting events such as the Woman of the World Festival.


Keith Rhoades
Keith Rhoades Contributed

NAME: Keith Rhoades, Group F.

ABOUT: I was first elected to council in 1991, elected as deputy mayor in 1999 and served as mayor from 2004 to 2012.



Eliezer Robinson
Eliezer Robinson Contributed

NAME: Eliezer Robinson, Group A.

ABOUT: I'm want to provide a voice for the 'over the hillers'. I think the focus is spent too much on the inner city.



Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson Contributed

NAME: Troy Robinson, Group A.

ABOUT: I want to do my bit for the community and inspire our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids to finish their education.


Julie Ross Team Knight
Julie Ross Team Knight Contributed

NAME: Julie Ross, Group A

ABOUT: I'm really passionate about arts and culture within the community and as a business owner being an active part of the community.


David Rushworthi
David Rushworthi Contributed

NAME: David Rushworth, Group G.

ABOUT: I want to revitalise the city centre and make it a safer place instead of putting up with anti social behaviour.


Ray Smith
Ray Smith Contributed

NAME: Ray Smith, Group F.

ABOUT: I am the managing director of local businesses Tom Jung Quarries and Total Gardens. I am also a Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour member.


Jon Snow is an ungrouped councillor candidate running in the Coffs Harbour City Council local government elections.
Jon Snow is an ungrouped councillor candidate running in the Coffs Harbour City Council local government elections. Contributed

NAME: Jon Snow, ungrouped candidate.

ABOUT: I want to be a common-sense councillor. No wild promises, just ensuring money is wisely spent.


NAME: Sparky Somosi, Group G.

ABOUT: We want to develop an region where younger people are happy to stay, grow and start thier own families.


Mike Squire
Mike Squire Contributed

NAME: Mike Squire, Group G

ABOUT: I wish to bring my experience to the position of Mayor to ensure that Coffs Harbour becomes a thriving and lively place to live.



Jan Strom
Jan Strom Contributed

NAME: Jan Strom, Group I.

ABOUT: My experience in local government, business, higher education and the community will assist me to effectively lead our community.



Mark Sultana team sultana
Mark Sultana team sultana Contributed

NAME: Mark Sultana, Group B.

ABOUT: I am passionate about tackling integrity and being open when it comes to making decisions that impact the community.


Tegan Swan
Tegan Swan Contributed

NAME: Tegan Swan, Group A.

ABOUT: I'd like to see more of focus on the Northern Beaches; such as curb and guttering, parking, upgrades to the park and better amenities.



Sally Townley: Team Green
Sally Townley: Team Green Contributed

NAME: Sally Townley, Group C.

ABOUT: I have worked hard for ratepayers seeking rigorous accountability and transparency in council during my term as a city councillor.



Martin Wells
Martin Wells Contributed

NAME: Martin Wells

ABOUT: After 15 years as a paramedic, I now employ 15 locals across two offices as the principal of the McGrath Real Estate Agents network.



Damian Wood country labor
Damian Wood country labor Contributed

NAME: Damian Wood, Group E

ABOUT: I have an understanding of what our community needs, I was the Labor Cowper Candidate at the recent Federal election.