‘Put some pants on’: TV reporter busted on air in undies




The first rule of Zoom: If you're going to go without pants, always check your camera angle.

US ABC reporter Will Reeve went viral after he appeared on Good Morning America this week sans pants. While Reeve insists that he was wearing shorts for the interview, not just his underwear, his entire thigh can be seen at the bottom of the screen, leading many to wonder just how short those shorts were. After staring at his upper thigh for the past 10 minutes, I have to say, it's a valid question.

Viewers saw more than they bargained for.
Viewers saw more than they bargained for.


On Tuesday morning, Reeve appeared on ABC's Good Morning America from his home to discuss "Pharmacies of the Future," or in layman's terms, pharmacies that are using drones to deliver prescriptions to housebound patients.

The reporter's discussion with GMA hosts Michael Strahan and Amy Robach may have been interesting, but all viewers seemed to notice was his interesting outfit choice. Up top, Reeve was all business in a jacket and collared shirt, but on the bottom, he appeared to be wearing nothing more than his underwear. That's quite a pasty thigh, my man.

The Detroit News film critic Adam Graham was first to point out Reeves' no-pants party, and the image immediately went viral. "Hey put some pants on my guy," tweeted Graham. Twitter users quickly chimed in with jokes, with many noting that "pants are so March" and calling for the abolition of all trousers.

Reeve was also quick to note that the rumours of his lack of pants have been greatly exaggerated.

"They're shorts I promise," he tweeted back at Graham, complete with a face palm emoji. In other replies, Reeve joked that he "will not be getting hired as a camera operator any time soon" and said that the more he sees the image, "the more thigh I see". Same dude, same.

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