PASSIONATE: Robyn Marchant, the Coffs Harbour candidate for the Animal Justice Party.
PASSIONATE: Robyn Marchant, the Coffs Harbour candidate for the Animal Justice Party.

Protecting animals and environment

I AM Robyn Marchant and I am standing as the Coffs Harbour state candidate for the Animal Justice Party because I want to ensure animals are protected and treated with kindness.

Millions of hens are still crammed into battery cages.

Puppies are still being intensively farmed in puppy factories.

Our brutal killing of kangaroos is the largest land-based wildlife massacre in the world.

It seems that as long as people are making money out of animal suffering, our politicians don't want to act. The AJP is the only party focused on changing that.

I want to see animals and the environment protected for future generations, and to be part of a kinder future.

I have been a Coffs Harbour local for the past 30 years and have brought my family up here. I care about this beautiful area.

As a lifelong advocate for animal welfare, I have realised it is the laws that need to change to truly protect animals.

On a local front the AJP supports:

. Three bored tunnels in the Coffs Harbour bypass and transparency from our government in the planning of this.

. The Great Koala National Park.

. Protection of our environment.

A vote for the AJP will also help:

. Establish an Independent Office of Animal Protection.

. Ban battery hen cages.

. Stop logging in native forests.

. Safeguard our kangaroos.

. End greyhound racing.

. Ban puppy and kitten factories and pet shop sales of animals (with the exception of rescues).

. Enforce CCTV cameras in slaughter houses and intensive farms.

. Set a renewable energy target.

. Ban animal circuses.

For more details on our policies go to nsw.animaljustice The party has a record number of candidate standing in the state election - 53 in total.

Candidates are standing in seats across the state from the inner city to rural and regional locations, candidates are drawn from a diverse range of experiences and professional backgrounds - with a common purpose to fight for a better world for people, animals and the environment.