Proteas are drought tolerant once established.
Proteas are drought tolerant once established. solidcolours

Proteas lift a winter garden

Plants that produce flowers during the cooler months bring much-needed colour to the garden as well as provide food for hungry bees and birds.

Native to South Africa, proteas are spectacular autumn and winter flowering plants that look great in the garden and their flowers make a long-lasting cut flower display.

Protea Pink Ice is a favourite that grows to about 3m tall and 1.5m wide with dark green foliage and large deep pink flowers with a darker centre.

Protea Lancelot is another beautiful variety with candy pink flowers that grows to a similar size.

Proteas need well-drained soil in a position that receives at least six hours of full sun a day. They are drought tolerant once established but should be watered regularly during their first summer. Pink Ice and Lancelot are also tolerant of frosts down to minus 5 degrees.

To keep proteas compact and looking fantastic, remove spent flowers regularly. Or, by cutting new flowers for a vase you can do two jobs at once.