CLASSIC HERITAGE: Porsche fans can rejoice at striking new videos seen on dedicated web TV site, 9:11 Magazine.
CLASSIC HERITAGE: Porsche fans can rejoice at striking new videos seen on dedicated web TV site, 9:11 Magazine.

Porsche launches new web TV for its global enthusiasts

FOR the car enthusiast the internet is a dangerous thing.  

Not only can you find yourself buying a classic car sight unseen on eBay after a few wines(I've been guilty I'll admit), you can also lose hours watching addictive car films on YouTube or researching reviews on supercars you can't afford.

Whatever your automotive-related area of passion you are well catered for. Aftermarket tuning parts, classic motorsport, drift culture, how to customise your's all just a click away.    

Most car manufacturers have their own websites which are there to inform potential buyers, current customers and champion its products on offer. Some car companies go further, especially those with something of a cult following.

Which leads us to Porsche's new web TV format 9:11 Magazine (, which is really rather good. 

Marketing itself as both emotional and factual, it gives an "up-close and personal view of Porsche's fascination". This translates to beautifully produced video episodes of a Porsche nature, with each being, rather cleverly, 9 minutes and 11 seconds long.   

There are Porsche highlights of the past dating back to the origin of the species - the 356 - right through to all the future technology the German brand is embracing.  

The first episode features legendary Porsche driver and two-time rally champion Walter Rohrl revisiting the scene of arguably his bravest rally triumph on a foggy Portuguese rally stage which he won by a scarcely believable five minutes. We then visit some of the brightest and daring colours used on the Porsche 911 through its many generations, before settling into some tech talk and a trip through the Scottish Highlands in a Porsche Panamera.

Porsche 356 Speedster. Photo: Contributed
Porsche 356 Speedster. Photo: Contributed Karen Burns Photography / Angie

It's a rather pleasant way to spend just under 10 minutes, be you a Porsche tragic or not.   

Expect plenty of other brands to offer similar websites in future as they see the potential for brand building through these slick and high quality web TV offerings.  

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