GUILTY PLEA: Adam Brett pleaded guilty to drug driving.
GUILTY PLEA: Adam Brett pleaded guilty to drug driving.

’Poor judgment’ paves way to trouble at 21st birthday

AN ELECTRICIAN apprentice landed himself in hot water towards the end of his four-year apprenticeship.

Adam Brett, 21, was in his third year of studying the trade when he was caught driving with two drugs in his system.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Brett had been pulled over by police on October 5, when he was driving on Laidley Plainland Road in Plainland.

A drug test showed Brett had traces of MDMA and marijuana in his system.

His lawyer, C Robba, appealed to Magistrate Graham Lee, telling him Brett took the drugs in a "moment of stupidity".

"He was at a friend's 21st the night before and was drinking alcohol - but after drinking alcohol, the first thing to go is your judgment and he was offered some weed," Mr Robba said.

"It wasn't his and he didn't take it there … In a moment of stupidity, he accepted and consumed it."

Brett's history, however, undermined Mr Robba's theory.

It was on the last day of his good behaviour bond for a previous offence that Brett was nabbed with drugs in his system.

"Interestingly, the offence took place on the last day of the good behaviour period," Mr Lee said.

"You come before the court with two entries of criminal history, 2017 a drug matter and 2019 a drug matter - and you've been given the benefit of drug diversion on both those occasions."

Brett was fined $300 and disqualified from driving for one month.

The conviction was recorded.