Poll shows punters want action on climate change

ALMOST eight-out-of-10 Queenslanders would support Senators pushing for an emissions trading scheme if the government scraps the carbon tax according to new polling data.

The ReachTEL poll paid for by WWF-Australia contacted 3619 residents across Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, all states represented by Palmer United Party senators.

The poll found:

• 74.7% of Queenslanders say it's important that the Government tackles climate change.
• 79.4% of Queenslanders say it's important that the Government meets its carbon reduction targets.
• 79.0% of Queenslanders say they would support a move to an ETS if the carbon tax is repealed.
• 65% of Queenslanders prefer a polluter pays scheme; only 15.6% support a Government funded scheme.

WWF-Australia national manager for climate change Kellie Caught said with PUP senators still "fine-tuning" their policies, the polling showed how important the issue was for voters.

"The polling shows that PUP Senators and other cross bench Senators would have the support of their constituents to negotiate the move to an ETS straight away.

"By negotiating a fair and sensible policy that ensures Australia meets current and future pollution reduction targets, the Palmer United Party and other cross bench senators could go down in history as climate change heroes," Ms Caught said.

WWF-Australia released the poll as the new batch of senators were sworn in on Monday.