Police target dangerous driving

POLICE commissioners across Australia and New Zealand are conducting Operation Crossroads this Christmas to crack down on drink/drug driving, speeding, careless driving and licence offences.

The blitz, which runs until January 3, takes the Safe System approach to road safety, linking safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles and safe road use.

"Human beings are fallible and even with a focus on prevention, road crashes will still occur," a spokesman said.

"However the extent of injury or deaths sustained can be reduced when we accept, comply and share the responsibility for using our roads safely.

"The Safe System approach doesn't take the road user out of the equation, instead it shares responsibility among everyone involved in road usage.

"For police, this means ensuring that road users are skilled, competent and comply with road rules."

Careless driving, speeding and drink-driving are still considered the three main causes of injuries or deaths on Australian and New Zealand roads.