Dead puppy found in crab pot

BUNDABERG police were kept busy during the weekend, with a string of crimes committed across the Rum City.

In the most sickening, a family received a disturbing shock when they checked their crabs pots yesterday morning.

The pots were placed in the water at Rubyana Creek near Strathdees Boat Ramp on Saturday afternoon.

When the pots were taken out of the water to be checked, between 8.30am and 9am yesterday, the family found a dead puppy inside one of them.

A woman, who the NewsMail have chosen not to name, posted on social media about her family's shocking find.

"Was a terrible, sad thing to (see) how many crabs were in and to get a drowned puppy … so sad and utterly disgusted."

Meanwhile, at 8pm on Saturday, an offender broke into the Cuppatime Cafe at Bundaberg North.

CCTV footage shows the offender using a brick to smash a window pane near the front glass door.

The offender then pushes the hanging glass out before making their way to the till and then the back of the shop.

There they are seen taking a bottle of rum used for Christmas cooking, a bottle of Coke and a knife.

The cafe was also broken into in August when a tip jar was stolen.

The offender was described as wearing all-black clothing, including gloves.

Offenders also broke into, and caused damage at, the Bundaberg Motorcycle Centre on Woongarra St.

Meanwhile, on the Burnett Traffic Bridge, two youths aged 10 and 15 climbed a six-foot fence and climbed multiple stairs to gain access to the upper level of scaffolding where works are being done.

While they were at least 3m above the roadway, the pair began abusing people below.

They were dealt with under the Youth Justice Act.

A grey Holden Rodeo was also stolen between 7pm Saturday and 7.30am yesterday.

It had been parked outside a house on Cleary St, Millbank.

The vehicle is described as having a hard canopy, a bullbar, floodlights and personalised plates with the registration NIG75.

Anyone with information can phone Policelink on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 (references: crab pot QI1902116648; cafe break-in QP1902115431; and stolen Holden Rodeo QP1902116950).