Mooloolah Valley man Benjamin Joel Henderson, 22, was jailed for a string of crimes.
Mooloolah Valley man Benjamin Joel Henderson, 22, was jailed for a string of crimes.

Police hater trashes homes in $47k crime spree

A YOUNG father who caused $47,000 damage in car thefts and burglaries will spend more than half his life in prison if he doesn't "put his money where his mouth is".

Benjamin Joel Henderson has racked up more than 12 years in jail sentences and he is only 22.

They were for a long list of break-ins, drug offences and his latest batch of burglaries.

Family heirlooms, cameras and televisions were among a range of items stolen when Henderson trashed a Buderim and Tanawha homes on June 27.

He turned the homes upside down in his search of valuables, causing $11,000 loss at one home and more than $35,000 loss at the other.

Police prosecutor Stuart Lydford said Henderson was only remorseful for his crimes when caught by police.

His lack of respect for authorities is written on his face in a chin tattoo that reads "FTP" (f--- the police).

Henderson was supported in court by his family, including his fiancee of three years and father, who tried to discipline him as a teenager.

Mooloolah Valley man Benjamin Joel Henderson, 22.
Mooloolah Valley man Benjamin Joel Henderson, 22.

The father-of-two pleaded guilty at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Tuesday to 13 charges, including five stealing charges and unlawfully using a motor vehicle.

Defence lawyer Donna Hanslow-Hastie said her client's crime stemmed from a long drug addiction which started when he was young.

The Mooloolah Valley man lived between his parents' homes as a child and frequently tried to run away.

While he had no work history, Ms Hanslow-Hastie said he wanted to better his life if given the chance of release.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said all Henderson's promises went out the window when he went back to jail.

"What a mess … to have your home invaded is sickening," she said.

"If you continue on your path you will spend half of your life in jail."

Ms Baldwin said Henderson needed to be a role model for his children, aged seven and three years old.

Henderson was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail, to be released on parole after serving 10 months.