A POLICE officer captured the moment two cars almost collided on a 100km stretch of road in Hervey Bay.

The officer from the Maryborough Road Policing Unit was conducting patrols on the morning of Friday, May 11 and caught the incident on the corner of Woods Rd and Booral Rd, Hervey Bay on camera.

Although the conditions of the day were fine and sunny and with visibility clear in both directions of the intersection, the driver of a white ute entered onto the 100km stretch of roadway with another car approaching.

Photos showed picture by picture just how easily blind spots occur and how easily a fatal accident could have occurred.

The driver of the car driving on the long stretch of road demonstrated "great defensive driving skills at high speed" by manoeuvring their vehicle onto the gravel shoulder of the road to avoid the ute.

The driver of the ute was pulled over by the police officer and issued a fail to give way traffic infringement notice, fined $378 and three demerit points.