BESTIES: Niall Carnell and Maverick.
BESTIES: Niall Carnell and Maverick. Contributed

Bucket of poison near home kills family pet, children warned

THE callous disposal of a toxic substance has led to the death of a beloved family pet with the owner wanting answers.

Nikita Carnell says it's fortunate children weren't the first to discover a bucket of ratsak that was left by a Glen Aplin road.

Unfortunately for the family, their four-year-old dog Maverick had to be put down after consuming the poison.

"He started pooping blood and his temperature was really low. As soon as we got him to the vet he pretty much died," Mrs Carnell said.

"Our dog has passed away and kids could have easily walked over to the bucket thinking it was sand and died.

"I don't know who would have put that there. No one knows how it got there.

"If it was for rats or vermin wouldn't you find a safer way of doing it?

"There's a lot of dogs that walk out the front here and two kids next door and a couple kids that come see their dad here too in the street."

Mrs Carnell said a council worker came and disposed of the poison, finding more in the process.

"When we first saw the bucket we just initially thought it was a bit of rubbish.

"If anyone sees anything unusual near their home or property just be wary of it."

Nikita is particularly devastated for her young son, Niall, who she says had a close bond with Maverick.

"He really loved him a lot.

"He was such a good dog. He'd let Niall pat him and lay on him and he had the most beautiful nature.

"They loved each other very much. Brings a tear to my eye," she said.