Heather McKinnon and Benjamin Bryant with guest Dr Ian Nisbet (centre), forensic psychologist with the Australian Psychology & Wellness Centre.
Heather McKinnon and Benjamin Bryant with guest Dr Ian Nisbet (centre), forensic psychologist with the Australian Psychology & Wellness Centre. Supplied

PODCASTS: Lawyers tackle relationship breakdown

LOCAL family law practice, Bryant McKinnon Lawyers has launched a new podcast to take on the tough issues encountered before, during and after separation and divorce.

The Family Matters Show podcast focuses on local experts and local questions, but tackles issues faced by families across Australia.

"We see first-hand how difficult and scary separation can be," Benjamin Bryant, accredited family law specialist and partner at Bryant McKinnon Lawyers said.

"We started The Family Matters Show to help people navigate the family law system during a complex and emotionally charged time in their lives."

The Family Matters Show started out as a Facebook Live Q&A program, which has already proven popular with local audiences.

The show moves to a high-quality podcast to reach a broader audience and give all listeners freedom to tune in when and where they want.

The podcast is content rich and free from advertising or promotional messaging.

Partners Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon will feature regularly on the monthly podcast, providing insight and information on subjects ranging from "keeping an amicable divorce amicable" to "what to expect if you end up in court".

They regularly field direct questions from the community and feature local experts to provide wide ranging, relevant advice and information.

The first episode focuses on how to shield children from the trauma of a family breakup. Dr Ian Nisbet, forensic psychologist with the Australian Psychology & Wellness Centre in Coffs Harbour, joined Benjamin and Heather to tackle one of family law's toughest issues.

"The most heart-rending part of our job is witnessing the suffering of little ones," says Heather McKinnon. "It was fabulous to have Ian share his insights on how to minimise trauma during family breakdowns. If this episode helps parents to minimise even one child's stress then we've achieved something important."

It is the idea of helping to ensure better outcomes for families that drives the continued development of the program.

"We are passionate about giving people the resources they need to make good choices," says Heather McKinnon.

"People shy away from seeing a lawyer, particularly in the early stages, and that's completely understandable. The podcast lets us share our knowledge and that of other experts so anyone, at any stage, can be empowered with good information."

The Family Matters Show will tackle a different topic each month and is available free on the Bryant McKinnon website, iTunes, Spotify and most other podcast sources.