Former Toowoomba radio announcer Tanya Hennessy
Former Toowoomba radio announcer Tanya Hennessy

Phoenix, do not wee on Santa! Tanya Hennessy viral video

KIDS weeing on Santa and parents asking for freebies, comedian and entertainer Tanya Hennessy has nailed it again with her latest viral video.

Her mocking impersonations of mothers taking their children to get photos with Santa has gone viral.

"Phoenix! Do not wee on Santa," she said. "Every year he wees on Santa, he just gets so excited and he wees himself. Don't pee on Santa I'm serious. You'd think he'd learn, he's 28."

Other gems from her Things People Say to Santa video include: "I don't want to pay for Santa photos this year. So can my kid just jump on Santa's lap and I'll just take it real quick on my iPhone. Real quick, I'd just be real quick you won't event notice."


The former Toowoomba radio announcer also got risque saying "Can me and my friend pose naked with Santa?"

Having a laugh at cheapskate mothers she said: "Do I get something free with the Santa photo, because I got the photo, do I get something free like a hat or a scarf or a car, do I get something free?

And those line-cutters got burned too.

"Can me and my family just sneak to the front of the line, I know it's a three hour wait but we really want to go see a movie in 10 minutes. Can we fast track, do you have fast track passes because we would want to fast track."