HARD WORKER: Melarnie Robin's persistent job search pays off.
HARD WORKER: Melarnie Robin's persistent job search pays off. ETC

Persistence pays off for Melarnie

SOMETIMES finding a job is really tough, but as Melarnie Robin's experience has shown, if you are persistent, keep trying and put yourself out there, it generally pays off.

"I had been solidly looking for work for eight months and started to get really down when I wasn't finding anything," Ms Robin said.

"I took it personally when I wasn't getting work and wasn't getting call backs from employers. I came from a generation when you got a call back when you didn't get a job. This was a whole new experience for me.

"ETC in Woolgoolga helped get me on the right track. They talked to me about what I wanted to do and really supported me."

ETC's Woolgoolga Team Leader Diane Donaghy said Mel had a lot of hospitality experience but needed some updated qualifications to help her secure work.

"We put Mel through some in-house training such as a resilience workshop, job skills training, some hospitality short courses and a Certificate III in Business," Mrs Donaghy said.

"She became a very employable lady who started getting a lot of interviews but not quite clinching the job.

"We worked with Mel to look at why she was missing out and tried to help keep her motivated."

Melarnie said she definitely challenged herself in attempt to secure work.

"I did my first video interview which was a whole new experience. ETC did a mock interview with me beforehand to make sure there weren't any questions I wasn't prepped for," Ms Robin said.

Eventually, with perseverance, support and assistance, Melarnie was offered a job with Coffs Harbour's Bananacoast Hot Bake.

"I'm really happy here. I work with a really good team of people," Ms Robin said.

"I would recommend ETC to anyone who is serious about getting back into the workforce. They're considerate. They thought about everything I needed and were there to support me during hard times."