The watermelon peperomia is great for spaces like desktops.
The watermelon peperomia is great for spaces like desktops. iStock

Patterned plant is perfect for smaller spaces

There is a wonderful array of different foliage types and colours to choose from when it comes to indoor plants. If you're after an indoor plant with fascinating leaf patterns, then look out for a watermelon peperomia (peperomia argyreia). It's easy to see why they're given their name, as their fleshy leaves look delightfully like watermelon skin.

Initially a difficult-to-source collector's plant, they're becoming easier to find and make a hardy indoor plant. Not growing much taller than 30cm, they're great for smaller spaces like desktops. Here are steps to help keep the plant flourishing:

Choose a well-drained pot and use good-quality potting mix.

Position the pot in a brightly lit spot, away from direct sunlight.

Keep the potting mix slightly moist. Don't allow the potting mix to become waterlogged.

Watermelon peperomias are relatively slow growing, so can be left in the same pot for several years.

Feed plants from spring to autumn with liquid plant food.

Angie Thomas is a horticulturist at Yates.