Passes licence, gets fined and disqualified all in one day

A MAN who was pulled over by police on the same day he passed his driver's test, but didn't pay for the licence, has been fined for unlicensed driving.

Samuela Talaiasa Filimoehala, 21, pleaded guilty at Ipswich Magistrates Court to the charge yesterday.

Filimoehala was pulled over by police on Tuesday, June 4, on Stuart St at Goodna.

When asked by police to produce his licence he gave them a Tongan licence.

He told the police he had passed his Queensland driver's licence test that morning but hadn't paid for it due to a lack of money.

The court heard he had the Tongan licence from a month he spent with his father in the Pacific nation but he had lived almost all of his life in Australia.

He was fined $200 and disqualified from driving for a month.