Panama TR4 outbreak feared at Qld banana farm

BIO security officials are investigating a new suspected outbreak of the deadly Panama TR4 on a banana farm in Tully.

North Queensland's banana growers, who produce 95 per cent of the nation's most loved fruit, have again been urged to ramp up on-farm biosecurity measures in light of the latest suspected detection.

The Australian Banana Growers Council said the latest suspect detection of the soil-borne fungus was on a property near the site of the first infected farm in Tully.

"The initial molecular test has come back positive. It will be four to six weeks before the definitive test results are known," ABGC Chair, Stephen Lowe said.

"Nonetheless, growers need to protect their farms as this TR4 risk is not going away."

ABGC reminds banana growers to implement effective biosecurity practices, such as removing all plant material and soil from machinery and footwear before they are brought onto their farms.

Panama is not harmful to humans but is deadly for banana crops and has the potential to wipe out the bulk of the nation's $600-million banana industry.