STRONG: Jake Packard will compete in the 100m breaststroke this week.
STRONG: Jake Packard will compete in the 100m breaststroke this week. DARREN ENGLAND

Packard plans for some prime results

SWIMMING: WHILE Jake Packard will make his debut on the Commonwealth Games stage this week, he'll be diving into familiar waters on more than one front.

The Rio Olympics bronze medallist packs plenty of experience when it comes to the fierce rivalry that international competition brings and has even tested the waters on the world stage at the Gold Coast too.

"Four years ago was my debut (on the international stage) at the Panpacs at the Gold Coast so it means a little something to me to compete there and I've had that home crowd experience before,” he said.

And after facing a tough 12 months, in which he was forced to pull out of the Australian and world championships due to salmonella poisoning, Packard is hungry for success in his pet event, the 100m breaststroke.

However, the 23-year-old wasn't getting too far ahead of himself and planned to take it one swim at a time.

"There's a lot of pressure to do with the amount of people in the field but if you've got a lane in the final there's every opportunity to win a medal so I guess we just have to get to that stage and see how it all pans out,” he said.

"You've done all the hard yards to get there so it's just one of those things where if you're focused about it (medals) too much it can get caught up in your mind and you can just get too carried away with it.

"So I'll just try to stay pretty relaxed and just worry about myself and just follow the process.

"(But) It'll be a dream come true if I do get some sort of medal.”