Enzlo Gibbs has been remembered as a 'precious baby boy' by his parents.
Enzlo Gibbs has been remembered as a 'precious baby boy' by his parents.

'Our little bear': Toddler remembered after tragic death

A ONE-YEAR-OLD who died earlier this week has been remembered by his parents as a "precious baby boy" and a well-loved brother. 

A fundraiser has been started after the tragic death of Enzlo Gibbs on Sunday.

"On the 15.9.19 we lost our precious baby boy Enzlo Rodney Davison Gibbs to a horrible unforeseen accident," mother Alex Gibbs wrote in a post to her Facebook page.

"We have come together as a family and are still trying to process this enormous loss.

"Our family is still in a great amount of shock as this is not the first loss of a darling baby that we have been through, this tragic loss is very different to princess Elaina's and we are all experiencing a great deal of pain and heartache."

She said the family was now taking time to comfort his older brother, Eli, who was also reeling from the loss.

"Our focus is on our little family and supporting Eli who has lost his best friend and brother - (he is) feeling very lost," Ms Gibbs said.

"The support and love is greatly appreciated.

"When we are able, more information will be sent out in regards to the funeral to remember and celebrate our little bear."

A friend of the family has started a GoFundMe page to cover costs.

A post on the page reads: "Our main goal is to relieve any financial stress that may come from this tragedy. We have love and an abundance of support at home. But anything that may relieve this family of rushing back to work would be an incredible help during an already hard time."

The page has raised more than $13,000 in less than a day. To donate please click here.