Memeber for Rockhampton Barry O'Rourke.
Memeber for Rockhampton Barry O'Rourke. Allan Reinikka ROK071118aorourke

O'Rourke lets potential protesters know what to expect

ROCKHAMPTON Member Barry O'Rourke has taken aim at the plans of "southern environmental activists" to disrupt local businesses who work on the Adani project.

He said "fly-in, fly-out" protesters should not expect a warm welcome in Rockhampton, especially those planning on targeting local businesses.

"That's just not on. People are free to protest if they like, but local businesses and workers should not be placed under attack for simply doing their job," he said.

"I'm not going to stand for that, and neither will the people of Rockhampton."

This follows reports of prominent protest leaders claiming thousands of activists would converge upon the region to protest Adani mine after its last environmental approval was ticket off.

A Front Line Action on Coal spokeswoman said the group was preparing for a "massive influx" of activists into Central Queensland.

"Many are prepared to physically stand in the way of machinery in what has been described as the fight of a generation," the spokeswoman said.

Another group leader, Ben Pennings from the Galilee Blockade, sent a cloaked threat to those considering taking contracts from the miner.

"Whoever gets contracted to build the Adani mine is a brave company indeed," he said.

He said actions would include "sustained non-violent tactics like strikes, boycotts, street occupations".

If the groups follow through with their rhetoric, Central Queensland could be playing host to its second environmental showdown of 2019 following Bob Brown's Stop Adani Convoy's Clermont event in April.

A Queensland police spokesperson said any unlawful disruption to businesses, transport networks or infrastructure "would not be tolerated". The spokesperson claimed police planning for protesting events was "well advanced".

Police Minister Mark Ryan shared the sense of preparation and warned of harsh penalties including jail time for unlawful protesters.

"Protesters do not have the right to disrupt the lawful activities of others as they go about their daily business," he said.