WITH the London Olympic Games only two months away, teenager Billy Ward is busy with more than just training.

Since he heard the news that he qualified for the 2012 Australian Olympic team the Gladstone boxer and his family have been fundraising to bring his dreams to life.

His trainer Mick Daly said the much-needed money would be used for living expenses.

"What a lot of people don't understand is that Bill's put his life on hold now for, by the time the Olympics come up, it will be 10 months," Mr Daly said.

"That's 10 months without a wage, 10 months without any income and your parents are supporting you, they are paying your phone bill, your petrol, your car registration, it all adds up.

"The fundraising is to take any pressure off him money-wise, so all he has to worry about is training and fighting and that's it."

Through an array of community fund-raisers, including personally selling meat trays at the Calliope Diggers Arms Hotel every weekend, the Ward family have managed to scrape together $8000, so far but still have a fair way to go.

Every cent is vital as time is starting to run out for the amateur boxer.

In only three short weeks he will set off for Ireland to train with the other Olympians before heading straight to London.

"I'm very excited as it's getting closer," Billy said.

"I wasn't at the start ..., like when I won my first fight, I didn't feel anything, it was just a real big relief, like wow I've made the team and now a lot more harder work's been setting in."

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