Labor candidate for the State seat of Coffs Harbour, Tony Judge.
Labor candidate for the State seat of Coffs Harbour, Tony Judge. Charis Brownlie

No interest in negative and personal campaign

LABOR candidate for the State seat of Coffs Harbour, Tony Judge has welcomed Gurmesh Singh to the campaign trail for The Nationals.

He says he has no interest in a negative, personal campaign.

Mr Judge made the comments following an exchange this week between the Federal Labor candidate for Cowper Andrew Woodward and Mr Singh following his preselection.

Mr Woodward highlighted a number of government grants given to the Oz Group cooperation chaired by Mr Singh who has has brushed off the concerns, saying funds were tied specifically to job creation.

Mr Judge has spoken out saying he wants the focus of the election campaign to be about the issues that affect people in our region.

"I know that Gurmesh has expressed concern that the Labor campaign will be negative and personal in nature. I can assure him that I have no interest in that type of campaign.

"I note that he has said that he has not heard much from me during the campaign. One thing that he has heard from me is a personal message congratulating him on his preselection.

"I want this campaign to be about better schools and TAFE, more nurses in hospitals, fair pay for working people and protecting our environment. It's not about Gurmesh and I, it's about what we and our parties offer the people we hope to represent."

He expects to have robust discussions and disagreements with fellow candidates but has vowed not to resort to: "cheap shots or unwarranted personal attacks."

Mr Judge was preselected several months ago.

"Since then I have been quietly listening to the views of Coffs Harbour residents at markets, public gatherings and in my day to day life. I have heard what people in our region think about where they are and where they would like to be going.

"Gurmesh Singh's preselection allows us to start the debate on what sort of future a State Government can provide for the people of Coffs Harbour. That debate should be about education, health, secure jobs and the quality of our natural and built environment."