Nick Xenophon team to block marriage equality plebiscite

THE Nick Xenophon Team will move to block the Turnbull led government's planned plebiscite on marriage equality meaning the issue will not be decided by a popular in the next term. 

Mr Xenophon told News Corp this afternoon his team's decision was motivated by a belief gay marriage should be introduced by parliamentarians in Canberra not a majority of Australians. 

He also pointed to the high cost of holding the plebiscite which some estimates have at $160 million. 

"I would like to see this happen in this Parliament," he said.

"I think it is a question of an ongoing community campaign.

"There could well be a Senate process and a private member's bill in both houses of Parliament to determine this.

"We could build on the consensus that most Australians support marriage equality overwhelmingly."

Newly elected Senator Derryn Hinch has also previously voiced his support for marriage equality as well as his opposition to holding a plebiscite amidst concerns a popular vote could lead to changes being voted down.