OUT WITH THE OLD: NHVR will release new electronic work diaries.
OUT WITH THE OLD: NHVR will release new electronic work diaries. Tom Threadingham

NHVR releases draft electronic work diary standards

THE NHVR have released the latest Electronic Work Diary (EWD) fact sheet, ahead of the next round of industry consultation.

NHVR acting director of safety Darrin Rasmussen said the fact sheet would prepare heavy vehicle operators and technology providers for the draft EWD Policy Framework and Standards released on December 18.

"The draft standards will be publicly available for comment until early February 2018," Mr Rasmussen said.

EWDs is a voluntary electronic recording system approved by the NHVR to monitor and record the work and rest times of a driver.

Following the nine-week consultation period, the NHVR expects to commence assessing and approving EWDs as a voluntary alternative to the written work diary in the first half of 2018.

"We'll also be calling for technology providers and transport operators intending to develop an EWD to register their interest with the NHVR," Mr Rasmussen said.

"This will allow electronic devices or systems already in use that meet the EWD standards to be assessed and approved.

"The introduction of EWD for heavy vehicle operators will be an important step forward in how we monitor driver fatigue across Australia."

Authorised officers will only have the same access to EWD information as they currently have to written work diary entries.