New measures to stop illegal dumping

THE Environment Protection Authority has reinforced to waste facility operators the importance of applying new measures to stop unlawful waste stockpiling and illegal dumping.

EPA director of waste and resource recovery Steve Beaman said the new measures, which were introduced earlier this month, will waste facility operators better manage waste.

"These measures will help to ensure that waste is legitimately moved on to its end use in a timely way, whether to recycling or landfill, and not left in endless stockpiles or illegally dumped," he said.

The changes include an expansion of the waste licensing and levy systems as a result of last year's regulatory review of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014.

Under the new provision, Mr Beaman said operators who process their waste to a legal facility in a timely manner won't face any additional levy charge.


"The only operators who will pay any additional levy as a result of these changes are the ones who are doing the wrong thing."


Information about the changes, including fact sheets and an animation, as well as the updated Waste Levy Guidelines is available on the EPA website,