Sharon Munro is known for her enthusiasm and energy.
Sharon Munro is known for her enthusiasm and energy. Contributed

New lease on life

SHARON Munro, a local mother, business professional and Girls Night In champion host, has a reputation for being ‘a positive ball of energy'.

Sharon faced the challenge of breast cancer last year and found the courage and energy to host what was the largest local fund- raising event for women's cancers, raising more than $12,000.

“Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a life-changing event. I don't only mean in the obvious ways with surgery and treatment – it was a time to re-assess my life, my priorities and change my focus to what really mattered,” Sharon said.

“I've come to acknowledge that it's all right to overlook the trivialities of life like ensuring the house is clean, worrying about the cost of petrol or even that the edges of the lasagne are burnt.”

Sharon said her ‘journey' has made her reassess and take time for the important things in life – family, friends and even herself.

“I've realised, I am so very rich in what life has to offer.

“With the support of my beautiful family, my amazing friends and the dedicated and caring health care professionals who assisted me, my cancer journey was made much easier.”

“My hope is that people realise not to sweat on the small stuff”.

By contributing to Daffodil Day you are lessening the burden of the people like Sharon in their cancer journey.