Letter to the editor - February 17: Need for open forum

REGARDING The Port Macquarie News article written by Ben Cooper on February 5.

Apparently the Port Macquarie-Hastings NSW Business Chamber is anxious to hear politicians representing the Port Macquarie-Hastings area have the interests of the local district at heart and perhaps above the interests of rival Cowper electorate city, Coffs Harbour.

I notice they invited both local National Party MPs, both with party leadership aspirations apparently, to a lunch at The Spinnakers (on Friday).

Given that Cowper is a Federal electorate with one of the highest rates of unemployment and social disadvantage, I would have been delighted to attend the lunch and speak on the Greens' policies and plans, which support sustainable business, job creation and the needs of all constituents in Cowper.

I would be pleased to accept any future invitation from the Business Chamber.

Carol Vernon,
Greens Cowper candidate